93% of one's life is spent indoors.

To us, that isn't NATURAL.

Step Outside Yourself...

To Where We Reside.

SOLOTUDE is an Outdoor Apparel and Gear Company that focuses on products and gear that we find to be way too expensive in the marketplace. We make world class products without the radical markup from all your well-known luxury brands. We are evolving and growing into a variety of products that range from general outdoor apparel, to outdoor products and gear that fit into your outdoor lifestyle. Simply put, we want to help you fullfill your adventures of a lifetime without paying the excessive price.

We are a unisex company and have the most versatile and approriately priced, screen printed outdoor apparel on the market. Flyfishing, Ulralight Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Yoga, Canoeing, Trail Running, Swimwear Tops and even Rash Guards are just a few uses that come to mind. GUIDE TESTED AND GUIDE ENDORSED.

Come Outside, SOLO or accompanied and enjoy what the natural world has to offer. We'll see you out there!!